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We offer a wide selection of Ecco shoes for men and women, including beautiful high-heeled shoes, women's shoes and sandals, as well as men's shoes and casual shoes, including boat shoes, laces , slip-ons and sportswear.

High quality shoes

As a modern shoemaker based on traditional technology, Ecco can meet the needs of several manufacturers. By controlling the entire production process, from the initial sketches, to the materials and constructions, they even produce tanneries to guarantee the quality of the leather used in the shoes.

The design concept inspired by the Scandinavian tradition is the shape and functionality of the shoe. They eliminate unnecessary elements and aim to provide a clean and transparent functional design. Cell means that comfort is a key factor in the design process.

Each pair of Ecco shoes has more than 50 years of experience. They boasted of their hands to touch every pair of shoes made. Few companies use this approach. It is therefore not surprising that they continue to grow and have factories and branches around the world.

History and production process:

Their commitment to innovation has led them to develop and perfect many shoe manufacturing processes. The most important of these is the direct injection technique. Cell allows them to create a durable shoe without glue or seams, which means that you can find a pair of light and soft shoes on the outsides of the feet.

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